Feeding Programs

Nearly 1 billion children are going to wake up hungry tomorrow. This is a problem.

When I was in Nigeria almost five years ago our mission’s team visited a small school that was no bigger than my bedroom.   While we were there, they began serving lunch. After the little kids finished with their bowls, they passed them to the big kids. I asked if I could serve them and the staff allowed me. I noticed that they only had rice to eat. No meat, no veggies, no dessert or drink. Just rice. As I began scooping the rice out of this bucket into these small bowls, the teacher kept telling me, “No no no, too much, too much”. As I tried to skim some back and scooped again, she said it again, “Too much, too much”. Well I didn’t think it was too much. This was what we as Americans would call a normal child-size portion. It was then that I began reflecting on my own children and how they’ve never had to limit their serving size so that the whole school could eat. We were also told how for many of these children this would be their only meal of the day, and that they come to school just to eat. So I was reflecting on these things while scooping for the next hungry baby and the teacher tells me too much again. By this time, I felt a knot in my stomach and tears about to come. But I said to myself, I can’t let these babies see me cry. So after I finished filling the last bowl, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I went outside and wept like a baby because my children never worried about eating no matter how hard times got. -Derrick B.



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