Mission’s Trips

One of the best ways to express God’s love and compassion for humanity is to jump into the trenches and serve others who are less fortunate on a short-term mission’s trip. The blessing is two-fold. You and those you serve are blessed all because you cared enough to stretch out your hand like Christ did.

The earth is comprised of beautiful landscapes and people alike. We owe it to ourselves to venture out of our comfort zones and see all the magnificence that God created.  When serving abroad on a mission’s trip, you will have the opportunity to take in all the cultural splendor that country has to offer while building long-distance relationships with those you’ve served with during the mission’s trip.

Most of life’s greatest moments are not remembered by what we got, but by what we gave. There’s something intrinsically special about serving your fellow man as Christ gave example by washing His disciples’ feet. On our mission’s trips you will have the opportunity to serve those less fortunate in a variety of ways to display God’s unconditional love for humanity.

God has given us the mandate to go into all the earth and spread the Gospel so that others would inherit the eternal life that He died to give them. You may be the one that feels compelled to advance the Gospel on the mission field by going yourself or by supporting those that will go. Which ever way you decide, you are helping change lives for an eternity.

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